2020 - 2021 Drama Boosters Steering Committee


                   Faculty Liaison:                         Heather Watson-Kramer 

                   Parent/Student Liaison:        Ema Schwed

                   Treasury Chair:                         Sandra Kaiser

                   Membership Chair:                Michelle Prejean

                   Volunteer Coordinator:         Melanie Grob

                   Publicity Chair:                         Susan Rascio

                   Banquet Chair:                         Eileen Rodriguez 

                   Concessions Chair:                Liz Graner

                   “Craft Services”:                     Kelly Dennis

                   Photography :                          Chrissy Lind

                      Board Advisors: Diane Brady & Jackie Taylor



        Ridge Drama Boosters is an all-volunteer organization that provides support to the Ridge Drama Club through activities including coordination of special events, field trips, festivals, meals, photography, community outreach, production publicity, and the hundreds of volunteers needed to run all these activities in conjunction with, and supplement to, the work of the Drama Club members and officers for the Fall Play and Winter Musical productions. 

        We work with Drama Club faculty advisors and club officers to serve as a liaison between parents and drama club administration.



Drama Boosters runs on volunteers, look for a "Signup Zone" email at the start of each season (September & January) Volunteers are needed for various levels of time commitment: from a few minutes- dropping off supplies, donating needed items, to a few hours - chairing a cast party or serving pasta during tech week.  Volunteer chairpersons will be supported by a member of the Boosters Board who will provide assistance as needed, project volunteer contact lists, guidance, and clear directions/objectives to volunteer chairpersons.  Thank you to everyone who so generously donated their time and money to support the many dedicated Ridge Drama Club members last season.  You made the impossible possible!